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Fire Extinguishers (Prices inclusive GST, Signage, Testing / Tagging)

Fire Safety

OUR PRICES ARE INCLUSIVE OF GST, DELIVERY (Perth metro area), SIGNAGE, TESTING & TAGGING (Installation also available) We Specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and service of fire safety products and equipment to suit all types and classes of fires. We can advice on the correct selection of fire extinguisher, appropriate location and suitable signage. 

All Safety Fire Extinguisher products range includes Dry Powder (1kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, 4.5kg, 9kg), CO2 (2kg, 3.5kg, 5kg), Wet Chemical (2.5kg, 7kg), Foam (9kg), Water (9kg) Fire Extinguishers.

Our range of portable extinguishers are "CERTIFIED AND APPROVED" to the relevant Australian Standards by BSI Benchmark. WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITORS PRICE !!!
4.5kg Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Product ID : FB-SA13-400-05
9 litre Foam Fire Extinguisher
Product ID : FP9LF (price inclusive GST)
9 litre Water Fire Extinguisher
Product ID : FP90WATER (price inclusive GST)
Fire Blanket 1.2m x 1.8m
Product ID : FBL1X2 (price inclusive GST)
Fire Blanket 1m x 1m
Product ID : FBL1X1 (price inclusive GST)
Fire Cabinet 2 door (250 litre) self close
Product ID : Code: AU25302
Fire Cabinet 2 Door Self Close (205 Litre)
Product ID : Code: AU25662
Fire Cabinet 2 door with roller self-close (205 litre)
Product ID : Code: AU25701
Fire Cabinet 2 shelf (30 litre) one door
Product ID : Code: AU25714
Fire Extinguisher 1kg Dry Powder ABE
Product ID : FEX1KG (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher 2 Litre Wet Chemical
Product ID : FP2WC (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher 4.5Kg Dry Powder ABE 60:BE
Product ID : FEX45KG (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher 5 KG CO2
Product ID : FP5CO2 (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher 7 Litre Wet Chemical
Product ID : FP7LWC (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher 9kg Dry Powder A.B.E.
Product ID : FEX9KG (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher CO2 2KG
Product ID : FP2CO2 (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher CO2 3.5Kg
Product ID : FP35CO2 (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder 2.5Kg ABE
Product ID : FEX25KG (price inclusive GST)
Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder 2Kg ABE
Product ID : FEX2KG (price inclusive GST)
Fire Hose Reel 36 m
Product ID : Fire Hose Reel 36 m (price inclusive GST)