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Rapaid Antiseptic Sachet 1g (3 pack)

Rapaid Antiseptic Sachet 1g  (3 pack)
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Rapaid Antiseptic Sachet 1g (3 pack)


  • Fast and Effective Relief
  • Insect bites, jellyfish stings, and allergic reactions to plants, bee, mosquito, sandfly and midge bites can irritate and cause discomfort for some days.
  • provide fast and effective natural relief and help prevent scratching which can lead to welts, infections and scarring.
  • uses Tea Tree Oil – a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic, provides relief, reduces inflammation, and helps prevent and fight infection. All in a gentle, no-touch and no-sting formula.
  • contains 4% Tea Tree Oil in a gentle water base. We use 1% isopropyl alcohol but no ethanol in the formula to reduce stinging on open wounds and to protect sensitive skin.
  • Great to use on: •Cuts, Abrasions and Infections •Sandfly, Midge & Mosquito Bites •Ant, Wasp & Bee Stings •Jellyfish and Bluebottle Stings •Nettle and plant stings •Chicken Pox •Skin Piercings

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