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Spill Kits

Spill Kits
Our range of products and services is designed to help you comply with environment and OH&S regulations. The range includes equipment to ensure that your liquid chemicals are stored, handled and decanted in a safe and compliant manner to avoid spill that can damage personnel, assets and natural resources. If a spill does occur, our range of spill response kits, industrial absorbents and safety showers ensure you are able to respond and minimise the negative outcomes of the incident on people, property and the environment.
WSP WKR L40 Rhino Red Welding Gloves
Product ID : WG01
Safety Goggles
Product ID : SG01
WSP PGR L45 Red 45cm Chemical Gloves
Product ID : CG02
Professional Half Face Respirator
Product ID : PHFR01
Chemical Resistant Overboot Covers
Product ID : CGOBC01
80L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit
Product ID : MAX-80OFHCR
Large Capacity 400 litre Oli & Fuel Spill Kit
Product ID : MAX-400HC
40L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit - Carry Bag
Product ID : MAX-40HC
Oil & Fuel Pillows - 500 x 400mm
Product ID : OFP01
Large Chemical Pillows 600 x 350mm
Product ID : CHEMP01
Chemical Pads - 200gsm - Pk/200
Product ID : CP01
Chemical Minibooms
Product ID : CHEMMB
40L Chemical Spill Kit Carry Bag
Product ID : MOBILEC
240L Oil & Spill Kit
Product ID : ECONO240
120L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit
Product ID : ECON02 (price inclusive GST)
240 Chemical Spill KIt
Product ID : DOK120-U
Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pads - 200gsm - Pk/200
Product ID : HPL4545
Drum Bunded Pallets (sizes 2 and 4)
Product ID : SDBP2
Optisorb 40 20L
Product ID : FAK7
Mobile 120L Chemical Spill Kit
Product ID : MHSK120
Oil and Fuel Absorbents - Mini Booms
Product ID : AM01
Mobile 240L Marine Oil/Fuel Spill Kit
Product ID : Marine Spill Kit